Health & Safety

Evil Angel Tattoo is proud to be a part of the B-SAFE Program (Biological Spore-Test Analysis for Efficacy).
The B-SAFE Program is run by the Germiphene Corporation.

Our spore strip samples from our sterilization equipment are sent to Germiphene and tested twice monthly.
After the tests are performed by Germiphene, a report form is sent to us with a pass sticker to put on our Certificate of Participation.

The sterilization equipment used at Evil Angel Tattoo is monitored regularly by both us and Germiphene.
All epuipment is operated under all Germiphene guide lines, as part of an on-going assurance program conducted by the Germiphene Corporation.

The tests performed are voluntary on our behalf for the safety of our customers and employees.

All Evil Angel Tattoo employees ensure health and safety practices to protect our clients and others from blood bourne pathogens or disease.

With the use of disposable products such as needles, razors, ink, ink caps, rubber-bands, cord sleeves, plastic wrap, plastic bags, gloves, and wipes. We spare no expense to ensure all disposable products are disposed of in accordance with any and all health and safety bio-hazard standards. And never re-used.

All Re-usable tools such as stainless steel tubes, tips or grips are scrubbed with the use of disinfectants to ensure that all matter is removed. Each piece is individually bagged in a sterile pouch and put through an autoclave cycle to sterilize each piece.

Chairs, tables, work spaces and counters are disinfected between each and every procedure.

All products and proceedures used by Evil Angel are approved by both Health and Saftey standards of B-SAFE and the Toronto Public Health Board.

Each and every visitor can be assured a safe and pleasant experience in a professional atmosphere while in our studio.